Welcome to
The Better Drinks Company!

Here at The Better Drinks Company – ‘Better’ isn’t just a word – but a promise and a challenge. A promise to give everyone a better choice, wherever and whenever they’re thirsty and a challenge to deliver a better range and to be better at everything we do from sourcing and manufacturing to our final product delivery.

The Better Drinks Company was founded in 1999 as Charlie’s, by childhood friends Marc, Stefan and Simon. After being disenchanted by the juices in the market tasting processed and unnatural, they founded Charlie’s on the principle of honesty and providing quality drinks to consumers, principles that remain at the heart of The Better Drinks Company.

Phoenix Organics is the other main brand in the company’s stable. Founded in 1986 with the mission of ‘providing natural alternatives made from certified organic goodness’, the Phoenix brand now offers a wide range of sparkling drinks, organic juices, water and natural carbonated drinks.

Today, The Better Drinks Company is based in New Zealand with production sites in New Zealand & Australia, manufacturing and marketing a range of premium ‘not from concentrate’ and organic beverages. We are a significant player in both the NZ and Australian beverage markets, and increasingly in South East Asia.